UAB students are protesting a book they don’t want: A book by US author Michael Crichton

UAB University students are demanding the removal of an award-winning novel from the University’s campus.

The University of Alabama’s bookshop has been holding the book, Michael Crick’s The Great Gatsby, in the shop for the past three months, and has been receiving complaints from students who are unhappy with the title.

A spokesperson for the university confirmed to News.co.uk that a petition was submitted to the University, which the university has not yet decided to accept.

“A petition was created to support students on the UAB campus, and we will be accepting it,” the spokesperson said.

“The university is a diverse, inclusive and respectful place, and as such we do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, ethnicity, national or ethnic origin, age, marital status, marital or civil status, pregnancy, childbirth, or any other reason.”

The petition will be considered and assessed in the coming weeks, as it is important to ensure that all students are able to access books and bookshelves without any barriers.

“The university said the university was committed to creating an inclusive learning environment and was aware of the concerns raised by students.”

We will continue to review our policies and procedures and continue to strive to ensure students are treated with dignity and respect,” the statement said.

Michael Crichlon is an American writer, author and novelist.

He is best known for his works The Great Detective, The Big Sleep and the novels The Blind Assassin and The Long Goodbye.

The author was born in Birmingham and raised in the US.

He wrote and produced several books including The Gatsie family and the crime novels The Griefers, The Hanging, The Lark and The Hunt.

Crichton was a winner of the Pulitzer Prize in fiction and his other novels include The Great Escape, The Long Walk, The Last Goodbye and The Man Who Would Be King.

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