Unm bookstore to open in San Francisco next year

A new San Francisco bookstore is set to open next year, after the city’s largest bookseller said it would close and close a local bookshop.

The Bookstore at the Zoo, a former garage in San Bruno that is now a popular destination for booksellers and tourists, will open next May, The Chronicle reported.

The company behind the new San Bruno bookstore, Unm, confirmed the news on Thursday.

The San Francisco Public Library is the primary custodian of the zoo and its parks, and Unm will have an office in the library’s former zoo building, the company said in a statement.

“We look forward to the exciting future of our partnership,” Unm President and CEO Matt Jern said in the statement.

The new bookshop is a departure from the former bookstore in San Jose’s Marina district, where the owner had planned to open a new store.

The store’s original name was “Unm Books.”

The new store will feature a different layout than the one that was initially planned for the San Francisco Bay Area, the Chronicle reported, citing Unm’s website.

The bookshop’s website says it will open “within a couple of months,” but will not provide a specific opening date.

Unm opened its first bookstore in 2012 in downtown San Jose.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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