How to get rid of your old laptop and replace it with a $1,000 Kindle Paperwhite and a $300 Amazon Echo 2

We’re all aware of how cheap an e-reader can be.

But what if you’re buying something new and want to keep it up-to-date?

Read on for tips to keep your Kindle Paperbloom, Kindle Fire HDX and other Amazon devices running smoothly.1.

Get a new Kindle PaperBloom2.

Get an Amazon Echo2.

Keep your Kindle device up to date3.

Start a new app from the home screen4.

Use a new Bluetooth speaker5.

Install new software6.

Add an SD card to your device7.

Add a new SD card8.

Get rid of all the old apps9.

Add new apps10.

Add the new app11.

Start another app12.

Delete all apps13.

Get your Kindle and move on14.

Install the new Amazon software15.

Start an app16.

Add another app17.

Add more apps18.

Get more apps19.

Set up an auto-start timer20.

Install some apps21.

Install an additional app22.

Add your favorite app23.

Add some apps24.

Get new apps25.

Set a new timer26.

Install another app27.

Add one more app28.

Start the new program.29.

Install your favorite book and start it.30.

Move on to the next app31.

Move onto a new book32.

Move to another app33.

Go back to the app you left off34.

Check the app on your Kindle or your computer35.

Get to the book you’re looking for36.

Choose a new title from the title bar37.

Read the book and check it off on your checklist.38.

Set your timer to 10 minutes39.

Close the app and check your e-mail.40.

Start your email.41.

Get another e-book42.

Open your ebook and read it.43.

Start reading it again.44.

Close your ereaders.45.

Open up your ereader and read the next one.46.

Close them.47.

Go to the ereader that you’ve read the most recently.48.

Open another one and read that one.49.

Go through all your books and read them all.50.

Go check your bookmarks on your ebooks.51.

Go read a book that you haven’t read yet.52.

Check your Kindle apps on your device.53.

Go find the book that interests you.54.

Read a book you’ve not yet finished.55.

Check Amazon for a review.56.

Check for updates on the book.57.

Review the book on your phone.58.

Go on a new reading session.59.

Start over.60.

Get out of the house.

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