Why should we care about Israel?

I think the book is very interesting, especially since it addresses a large number of issues and concerns of the people who live in the Arab world, and Israel is the only democracy that does not have the same rights that are afforded to other democracies.

This is a major concern.

But this book does not address issues of inequality or the problems of people living in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem.

It is more focused on issues related to Israel’s policies towards the Palestinians and its relationship with the Palestinians in general.

There are a lot of issues that Israel should be concerned with, like the issue of human rights, like human rights in the occupied territories, like Israeli policy towards the Palestinian Authority, which is an Israeli dictatorship.

I am not going to argue about these issues in this book.

It would be nice to get some concrete information about how Israeli policy in these areas affects Palestinians, but this is a very complicated subject.

The book is called The Strand and the World.

It has a lot to say.

But it is not going on a big tour of the world and will not be a big introduction to people living there.

It’s a more personal book, so it will be interesting to see how people react to it.

I think it is a great book, but I think its a little bit of a readjustment.

If you are interested in the Israeli-Palestinian issue, you should be interested in The Strangest of Strands and The World, too.

It’s a very different book.

Its not just an introduction, it is also a history of Israel.

You will be familiar with a lot about the state of Israel, the country, the Jewish people, the history of the occupation.

It covers the period from 1948 to 1967, and it includes the history since 1967, which includes the Arab-Israeli conflict.

But its a different book, which deals with the Palestinian question.

I’m not a historian, but you will learn about the Palestinian situation from the book.

The book focuses on Israel, and the people living on the land of Israel and its policies towards Palestinians.

I don’t know if you have heard about the history books that are being published by American universities, because it is an important subject in the United States.

Israel has the second highest number of Nobel Peace Prize laureates after the United Kingdom, after the British, and its not just a topic that is covered in the academic literature.

The books is not a great introduction to Israel, but it will probably help people who are interested.

Its a fascinating book, I think.

I will read it if there is something that I want to know about Israel.

I am very excited about this book, because I am interested in politics, I am very interested in Israel and the Middle East.

I love Israeli politics and Israeli policy.

Its the only country in the world that has two parties, two leaders and two leaders have different views.

I want Israel to be better.

Its important that we have two strong and credible parties that represent the interests of both Israelis and Palestinians.

Its something that is very important.

I have a lot in common with many other Israelis, because the country I grew up in was not the first country to embrace democracy, but Israel has been able to be a democratic state since the Oslo agreements.

The country is known for its democratic institutions, and in my opinion its very important that it should be a strong democracy.

I think it will work out fine.

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