Apple Pay will work with Amazon and others soon, Apple CEO says

Apple CEO Tim Cook told a crowd at the Worldwide Developers Conference that Apple Pay was coming soon and that he was “very excited” to bring it to Amazon and other merchants.

“It will be a lot of fun,” Cook said.

“We’re very excited about this.”

Cook, who is the CEO of the world’s largest e-commerce company, also said that Apple was working on its own version of Apple Pay that could work with the mobile payment system from Samsung.

“Amazon has announced a new payment service,” Cook added.

“This service will be similar to the Amazon Pay service, which has been available on a few devices.

Apple is currently working on a new mobile payments service, though Cook hasn’t mentioned anything specific about it, though he did say that it would be “much like” Amazon Pay. “

And we’ll be bringing that to you in the next couple of weeks.”

Apple is currently working on a new mobile payments service, though Cook hasn’t mentioned anything specific about it, though he did say that it would be “much like” Amazon Pay.

The announcement comes a week after Apple CEO Steve Jobs gave a keynote speech at the WWDC developers conference in San Francisco.

The company said that it was working with the Amazon Payments team to bring Apple Pay to its Kindle Fire tablets, but didn’t specify what device that service would be on.

Cook said at the conference that the Apple Pay service would work with a variety of payment platforms.

He added that it wouldn’t be an exclusive service, and that other merchants would be able to use it on their own devices.

Apple Pay and Samsung have had a long-standing relationship, though Samsung has only been able to bring its own payment app to Apple Pay.

But Apple has been pushing for Samsung to get into the payment business.

“There’s been a lot more talk and a lot less action over the past couple of months,” said Adam Oppenheim, a research director at research firm eMarketer.

“I think the time is right for the two of them to come together.”

Apple’s new payment technology, which is being developed by Samsung, was first introduced in late 2015.

It works by scanning a QR code on the device.

Then, a digital card is inserted into the scanner, and the user has to scan another QR code before they can make a purchase.

“When the reader is scanning, the card is scanned with a fingerprint,” Cook explained at the time.

“The fingerprint is also stored on the card, so it can’t be stolen.”

The scanner is then used to scan the device’s internal display.

The system then displays the QR code, and a credit or debit card is added to the user’s payment account.

Apple has said that the system will be “a little bit more complicated” than the Samsung Pay system, but it’s a similar concept.

Apple hasn’t announced pricing or availability for the Apple-made system yet.

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