UC Davis physician prescribes antidepressant for teen with ADHD

A physician has prescribed a new antidepressant for a teen with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) who recently lost her job, the university’s student newspaper reported.

The student newspaper, The News-Herald, reported Monday that UC Davis pediatrician Joseph A. Meche was diagnosed with ADHD in January and was prescribed Zoloft.

He had previously given students with ADHD a drug called Prozac, but the medication was discontinued in March after some students reported severe side effects.

Meche has been treating the teen, who has not been identified, with the medication for more than a month.

He also was working with a student who has autism, according to The News Herald.

The teen has recently gained weight and the school’s pediatrician has advised him to limit his activity and not be social, TheNews-Hairdresser reported.

He said he has no plans to seek help from a mental health professional, TheHerald reported.

Mache’s condition is considered severe and has caused many concerns for the university, including that students could end up in the hospital for a potentially life-threatening condition.

Muche is also a parent of the teen and had been working with him, according a news release from the school.UC Davis has also been trying to educate students on mental health and the importance of having a supportive school environment.

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