How to write for Google Books

The book has a lot of information that’s just not on the books themselves, but Google Books gives you a lot more in a few key ways: 1.

Searchable: you can search the titles, or search the title and author of a book you want to read. 


Get the best of the best: You can get the best content and best reading experience. 


Save space: the book is split into sections. 


Create your own personalized experience: You decide what’s on your screen. 


Get notified when the book comes out: Google Books lets you know when the new version of the book goes live. 


Enjoy reading: Google Book will notify you whenever the new edition comes out. 


Search the title: search the book you’re interested in. 8.

Get a personalized reading experience: Google will help you decide what you want in a book. 


Search on location: use Google Maps to find the book.


Save your favorites: Google lets you save the book’s favorite content and bookmarks. 


Save a personalized experience on your mobile device: Google’s Android app lets you search the content of the app and choose your own personal reading experience, even on an iPad. 


Get more information: Google provides links to additional information in the book that might be relevant to your interests. 


Save and load in real time: Google gives you the option to save the reading experience and load it up again in real-time. 


Save offline: Google helps you keep the book offline when you get back from vacation. 


Google Books is a free service that you can sign up for on the Google Play Store. 

Google Books is available for Android devices, iPad and iPhone. 

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Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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