How the Bookstore Helped Save a Town

A few years ago, a man named James Lippard was searching for a place to live.

“I thought, I need to find something I can live in,” he told the BBC.

So he took a few days and drove to a bookstore in Portland, Oregon, to browse for a store that could fit his needs.

“There were books for sale all over the place, but I didn’t have a book for sale,” Lippards recalled.

“So I decided to take a trip to a different bookstore and buy one.”

Lipps journey to the bookstore in the middle of nowhere led to a book he had never heard of.

The store’s owner, a former soldier named John, had a passion for literature.

He had recently been promoted to captain of a company, and Lippes new book was something that he needed.

Lippys father, a retired Marine Corps veteran, was stationed in Germany at the time and his family, he told NPR, had moved to Germany as a refugee.

Lips dad, a college professor, had been a bookshop owner and was helping out the family in Oregon.

“And I remember that day as one of the most important things in my life, and it’s why I started reading,” Lips told NPR.

Lip’s dad, who has now retired, said that the experience made him think about the need for a bookstore.

“It was just like, I can’t sit there and do nothing,” he said.

“We have to have something.”

He decided to find a bookstore and started looking for an ideal location.

Lillies parents lived in a tiny apartment building on the outskirts of town, and the area had a very small population.

Liphys bookshop would fit right in.

Lilli’s store, called Lilli Books, was a local institution.

The owners, Lilli and Linda, said their first decision was to build the store in a way that would appeal to the neighborhood.

“When we built the shop in the town of Lillys, there was no grocery store,” Lilli told the Portland Tribune.

“The only grocery store was in Lillie’s neighborhood, and that was owned by a man who was in the army.”

Lilli was able to find the perfect space, and built the store around a corner from the Lillis’ house.

“If we did not have that space, we would not have been able to create our bookstore,” Lilli told the newspaper.

“That was the one thing we were able to do that nobody else could do.”

The store also had a library, and library patrons would also be able to take books home with them, which was a great option for the store’s patrons, Lili said.

Lili’s books were also good for the environment.

The local community would have a place for them, too.

Lilies owner, Linda, had noticed that people were buying the books in Lilli stores.

The community would give them money, Lilly told NPR in an interview.

“Some people would give us a $100 gift card, and we would give it to someone who was not able to afford a book, and they would put it in the store,” Linda said.

Linda also noticed that some patrons were looking forward to buying a book to read to their kids.

“They would come to our shop, buy the book, take it home and they were reading it to their children,” she said.

The shop also brought a new lease on life for the community.

“You had these families that were homeless and could not afford to get a book,” Linda explained.

“Now, they would come and buy books.”

Lilles bookstore, with Lilli books on the cover, opened its doors to the community in 2007.

The Lillip’s store was named for a family who lived in the area, and Linda said she has always enjoyed supporting the community, even if it meant having to work hard to do it.

“What you see here is a sign that says, ‘We are here for you, we care for you.

We’re here for the people who have come from far away,'” Linda told NPR’s Arden Farhi.

“For us, that’s our mission and we’re going to continue to do our best to help.”

In 2014, Lipp said, he bought a book that he had previously not read.

“Then I started going back and reading it,” Lili told NPR from Portland, where he was preparing to move back to his hometown.

“After a while, I started to really get inspired,” Liles book said.

He said that he also felt inspired by the town, the bookstore, and all the people that he met along the way.

“These are the people I really wanted to meet, and I didn´t have a bookstore,” he remembered.

“But I saw that there was a book store in town,

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