The Stansford Bookstore’s ‘Bookshop for All Seasons’ is a place for everyone

This summer, the Stansfield Bookstore opened its first bookshop in Los Angeles.

Its opening is just one of a number of local bookstores and independent bookstores opening in recent years, which has given bookstores like the Stannes one of the fastest growing local markets for books.

But even as local booksellers have made strides, some critics have criticized the bookstores for not doing enough to support local writers.

“If you have a book, the bookseller needs to be in your corner,” says author, filmmaker and Los Angeles Times columnist David Remnick, who’s been outspoken about bookselling for decades.

“We’ve got to do more to help local book publishers.”

The Stannese bookstore, located at 810 S. Santa Monica Blvd., opened its doors in March of 2017.

The store, which was originally set up in an abandoned former school, is the only bookshop located in downtown Los Angeles with a permanent staff.

The owners, Michael and Sharon Stansfens, wanted to open a bookshop that could cater to the local community, so they opened the bookstore in the former school.

It’s also the only local bookshop with a book shelf.

“Our store is like a community library.

It has a book room, a coffee table, a full kitchen and all the books,” Michael Stansfather says.

“People come in, and we do a book fair and we sell everything we sell to the community.”

In addition to selling their local, regional and national literary output, the store also carries local books and sells new releases.

The Stonsford Bookshop has been named the best local bookstore in Los Angelas by The Los Angeles Review of Books, the Los Angeles Herald Examiner and the Los Gatos Times.

The book is available at the store, online at, and in its original hardcover edition, the original printing of which sold for $10,000 in 2014.

(For those who want a copy, the print runs can be found here.)

“I’ve had a long-standing dream to open the Stanford Book Shop,” Michael says.

In fact, he’s been working on a book for a while now.

In February, he wrote the script for his upcoming film, titled The Bookshop, starring Daniel Radcliffe, which tells the story of a young writer in a rural community struggling to write her debut novel.

“I was like, I’m not going to let this book go unsold.

This book has to be made.

We’re going to make it,” Michael told The Los Gatus Times.

Since launching his career as a writer, Michael Stannfens has been producing films and television shows.

He’s also written and edited books for children and adults.

He co-produced and produced The Book Shop with his brother, Michael, and has a long list of other projects under his belt, including a short film and book adaptation of a TV show.

The movie will be released later this year.

Michael also has a film coming out this year, and he says the two of them are working on new projects as well.

“It’s really exciting,” he says.

While Michael and his brother Michael Stanfens have been creating and promoting their own projects for a long time, the two decided to open their own bookstore in an old school to serve the local book community.

“My brother and I were like, we’re going for it.

We’ve got a dream to bring books to the people, to create a bookstore,” Michael said.

The new bookshop, which opened this year with the Stonsfens siblings, will have a dedicated staff, which will include staff members from local book retailers and libraries, including the Stanozas and the Stannersons, as well as authors like Ann Leckie and Michael Stanozzi.

“The bookstore has a strong presence in the community.

I think that’s a great place to bring a local community book, as long as it’s local,” Michael adds.

And the Stensfens hope the bookstore will be a good resource for local writers and authors alike.

“One of the things we wanted to do is build a library of books and writers, so it’s kind of a natural fit to have that at the Stanasfens Bookstore,” Sharon says.

The staff will be able to give out books in-person, and they’ll also be able sell the books directly to the public.

In addition, the staff members will be happy to host book signings for local book authors, as they have for decades, and to present new books.

“This is going to be the largest bookstore in Southern California, and I think we can make it a great one,” Michael concludes.

“In addition to being a local bookstore, we want to be a community bookstore.”

The bookshop will be open six days

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