The next generation of PC gaming: what’s next for gaming?

Polygon has some thoughts on the future of gaming as we head into the next generation.

What’s the next frontier?

We’ve got some ideas, and we’re thinking about it now.

What will we play next?

We’re really excited about the future.

There’s this incredible new platform that is being built and this incredible developer community.

We’re going to get the best of what they have to offer and really make our own version of games.

Theres going to be a lot of things to do and a lot to do in the next couple of years.

It’s going to feel like youre playing a game.

We’ve seen the best games on consoles go to mobile.

The next console is going to have to be the best console ever made.

We’re going into this space with a lot more enthusiasm than we’ve had in a long time.

And we’re just so excited about what we see.

It feels like the next-gen world is opening up.

Thats one of the reasons we’re so excited for the next gen consoles.

And theres going a lot riding on the next console, too.

It has to be powerful, it has to have a really good looking gamepad, and it has a lot going for it.

Its going to open up a lot for the developers.

And we think this is where the next great generation of games will come from.

It doesnt have to just be the next game youre going to play, it also has to open it up to a new kind of player.

The new generation of gamers are going to really take it on.

The next generation has a really great opportunity to go places and do things that never happened before.

The consoles are really the only way to go.

The console industry is really the first to try and build the next thing and theyre the ones who are going up against Microsoft and Sony and all of the other developers.

The only way they can make a console is to do it on their own.

So its really going to create a whole new set of opportunities for the companies.

And thats where were going.

We think thats a very exciting time to be in gaming.

We want to be at the top of the next big thing.

We know the next consoles are going be the most powerful console ever built, but theyre going be even better.

And thats the thing about the next generations.

It wont just be an extension of what we are seeing now.

Its like a whole different beast.

Youre going into a new world.

And its going to make us all look forward to it.

Were all going to look forward, but also to what we dont know about what lies ahead.

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