When tulane’s online bookstore hits $1 billion in sales, the university gets a boost

Tulane University’s online library, called Tulane’s Bookstore, has reached $1.3 billion in total sales, making it one of the largest bookstores in the country.

The company is also the nation’s largest bookseller and has the most active online catalog in the world, according to a Tulane spokesman.

“This milestone represents another step in our long journey to becoming a more digital-first, more open-source university,” Tulane President Robert F. Martin said in a statement.

The Tulane Bookstore opened in April of 2016.

The online bookstore sells titles and content for students and professors, as well as a variety of products and services.

It is the largest online bookstore in the United States.

The number of online bookstores has risen steadily in recent years.

In the last decade, online booksellers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo have become the largest in the industry.

“We believe our customers value our ability to connect directly with them,” said Stephen C. Wertz, chairman and CEO of Tulane, in a press release.

“They are the most important customer in our business and they have helped to define the future of our company.”

“The Tulane bookstore is the most successful online bookseller in the nation, and we are grateful to our customers and the Tulane community for their continued support,” Werts said.

“It is our hope that this new milestone will serve as a wake-up call for others in the sector.”

Tulane currently has over 2,200 employees, and the online bookstore currently has 10,000 active users.

“Tulane Bookshop is truly a remarkable success story,” Martin said.

The bookstore also recently received a $100 million grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, the University of California, San Diego and the Howard Hughes Medical Institutes.

It has also received $100,000 from the Federal Trade Commission, according the release.

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