What you need to know about the UConn Bookstore’s latest initiative

UConn bookstore chain Lifeeway has launched an initiative to give students access to free books in exchange for donation.

The initiative is the latest chapter in a broader effort to make free books available to students across the university, where students make up about a third of the enrollment.

In April, the chain announced a partnership with the University of Connecticut Libraries to offer free copies of popular books to UConn students and faculty, with a goal to raise $1.5 million for the libraries.

The company has also partnered with the College of Liberal Arts to offer discounted copies of the novels by James Baldwin and Ernest Hemingway to students and staff.

Last week, Lifeeway launched a scholarship program that provides free books to students for a year, a program that will cover the cost of textbooks, but not the cost for the books themselves.

Lifeeway is the only major bookstore chain to offer the scholarship program, according to the chain’s website.

Students can apply for the scholarship by clicking on the “apply” button on their My UConn website.

The program also gives students the opportunity to sign up for free books and receive one free book a month.

In addition, students who sign up to receive books through the scholarship will receive a copy of the books.

Lifeeway has also been making efforts to provide free books through its website, too.

The chain launched a new website last week to promote its scholarship program.

The website offers information on books and the scholarship that will be available for students.

Students can apply by visiting the “about” page and entering the information they need to enroll.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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